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Places change. So do people.



I’m getting boringly uncreative with my blog titles, photo captions.


Might have been the day the political landscape in Singapore changed.

It was also the day when I get to know what happens on behind the scene during General Elections.

I didn’t have a choice, I had to be an election official. I worked from 5am to 3am, and watch the election unfold, minus the results. We were not in the know because our job is just to make sure the election goes well.
We get scolding from angry people who were not allowed to park their cark in the voting premises, we get funny requests from people who went cranky after working nonstop for over 20hours, we had to work in “airtight” spaces so that votes can be counted, we had to cut ourselves from civilisation – no contact with the outside world, no mobile phones, no land lines, no computers, nothing.

Great experience, but I really don’t want another round.
No, please, no presidential elections before i’m even paid the pittance for the 22hrs of national service that i did.


Today is just not my day.

1. Colleague came to bombard questions on WHY she has to pay $3k for surgery? WHY she cannot use “her card”? She chose a higher grade ward. She should have asked the Financial Counsellor at the hospital what other means can she use to offset the $3k that she has to pay! And not ask me why her card cannot offset cost for a higher grade ward!

WHY must she come and spoil my day when it hasnt started!

2. Friend who has been missing in action suddenly reappears to ask me if i’m going away on trip? What’s plans for the next long weekend. And when she failed to elicit more than monosyllabic response, she asked even more – seemingly just to make herself feel better than I’ve no plans for long weekend?

You win, ok. You win.

3. Someone whom I’ve already warned of a scam comes back to rebuke me – saying it’s no harm trying (even if it’s a scam).

Ok fine.

Go ahead.

Poke me to death. All you horrids.

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The first ever race

I took part in my first ever cross country race today. And it is also the first ever running race that I’ve ever signed up for. 3.2km through the trail of macritchie reservoir. Gosh, it’s totally so unlike me!

Dedicate this to my significant other who is the one who started me on my running routine.