End of a decade

It’s 2010, yet another decade.

2010 – I managed to keep to ONE resolution: To do 2.4km below xx min. It’s slow but still, it was a resolution. The other…is to put on enough weight to qualify for blood donation, which I failed.

In 2010, I realise:

it is possible to run faster
2011 resolution – to run 3km under yy min

that I am actually not into sports photography.
2011 resolution – less of such photos.

I need a good, light, sturdy tripod.
2011 resolution – bite the bullet & splurge on a good tripod that will last me a long time

an eye for composition is important, but the know-how on the different settings are also important.
2011 resolution – to get to know my camera better.

long exposures shots aren’t as easy as they seem
2011 resolution – this has to be THE resolution – to focus in long exposures.

As a round up for the year, my 5 best shots for 2010 would have to be:








To a better year!


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