Final installment

5 Dec 10 – THE RACE that they’ve all been training and waiting for. I parked myself at the 42km mark from 720am. I’ve wanted Marina Bay Sands as the back drop. The sun came up shortly after 8am. And I thought, just as well, I’ll try shooting into the sun.

It’s kind of boring, isn’t it? I seem to be shooting the same people at every race. But this is the last series of the running events for 2010 that I’ll be shooting.

Female winner of the full marathon

Local category winner

If the photos look good, I’ll be happy. But I find it very contradictory. This is THE worse race this year. In fact, ever.

My rantings:

My fb was flooded with messages about THE RACE before THE RACE day – messages of excitement, carbo-loading, “good luck to all”… blah blah blah.

On THE RACE day, it was pictures of RWS, number tags, shoes, tops, and the what-nots.

After THE RACE, it was a mix – 50% about DNF, 50% about surviving the distance, cursing and swearing about the route.

I laughed.

Seriously, I do not understand a few things:

1) What’s so great about not training for a run and going for the walk? Ok, I applaud the guts for being thickskinned enough to post it on fb.

2) What’s so great about walking AND being caught on camera when you’ve always posted about your trainings? What would others think?

3) What’s so great about DNF? Yes, it’s a struggle between giving up and excuses such as risk of injury, being sick and not hitting target timing. I think the last excuse is the best. Not hitting target timing – I wonder what goes through their minds of those – I trained so much, I didn’t do so well, just give up? So, where is the spirit of endurance sports – don’t bother enduring since you can’t hit your target timing.

All right, I understand that it is more important to keep oneself alive than to struggle to the end. Perhaps I’m not in the position to comment – I’ve never ever done a 10km run, let alone a marathon. But where is the sportsmanship?


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