I woke up at 530am this morning for no good reason.

I was so wide awake that I had to get out of bed because I don’t want to toss and turn.

I got up and attempted to clean off that irritating spot IN my camera. Yes, this time, there was a spot ON the sensor. I dunno what it was and how it got there. When I looked through the viewfinder, it’s clean. I checked lens, changed lens. Nothing when I shoot, something after I shot.
That nagging spot appeared in ALL my shots.

I made a poor attempt to clean the inside of my camera previously, and it ended up at Nikon Service Centre.
This time, I made sure I read up before I do something stupid again.

530am sounds like a good time to do something that needs my full concentration, without any disturbance (no FB, no FV, no calls, no questions, no nagging, no last minute stuff, no last minute notice. Nothing.)

I turned the mirror up and took a good look. I can see nothing on the sensor.
I cleaned with the Nikon lens pen. Shucks, the liquid stained the blue filter on the sensor. I started to panic.
Then I used a cotton bud and tried to clean the stain. Miraculously it disappeared!
[No photos of the cleaning process because I did not want to be distracted.]

I put my lens back on tested a few shots.
That spot is now gone.

This weekend, I will make sure I’m happy shooting something somewhere.


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