Back in action

It’s been more than a week since I last posted. The past week passed in a flash – From the long drive up North to Ipoh to reporting to the new office.

The road trip to Ipoh was fun! The journey was long, but the company was great. I’ve heard so much about the Ipoh Hor Fun, but it just wasn’t that tasty. The scenery in and outside the town area was rather beautiful but I did not shoot much due to the wet weather. We were lucky that the was no rain just before and during the run.

Shooting the runners proved to be rather challenging. I parked myself at the last 300m, thinking that the long straight row of casuarina trees and lamp posts would make a nice backdrop. Unfortunately, endless rows and rows of plodders started strolling in about 45mins after the start of the half marathon. The runners got it worse – they have to bash through the human wall. Worse still, there were no marshals at the last 300m. Runners were so lost because they could not see finishing line even when they ran past me.

The runners were quite happy, with a number of them getting a placing 🙂
I guess this would be a good indication of the worthiness of the long hours they put in to running.

As for the new office, I’ll review it at the end of the first month. For now, some of my fav shots from Ipoh:





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