Garden festival 2010

This year’s Garden Festival runs from 15 – 22 Jul.
I must say that this year’s designs were less exciting that the ones in 2008.

What’s new:
When I went there 2 years ago, there were fewer people and even fewer people with cameras. Yesterday was totally different. Almost everyone in the exhibition hall was armed with a camera and they were busy shooting away, and getting people to shoot for them.

What’s the same:
Lighting was challenging. The airconditioner seemed to be on at full blast, not surprising, given the recent scorching weather.
I was in between jobs in 2008 when I visited the festival. It is the same thing this year. =P

A few shots from the festival. Others are found here.


#135 - He plants trees

#134 - Bird of paradise


My fav shot:


I’m off to Ipoh this weekend, just before I report for work at the new place.
Have a good weekend!


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