KL part 1 – The race

I was in KL over the weekend, for the Standard Chartered KL marathon. Of course, I’m not the runner. I’m just there to join in the crowd.

I consciously brought just the 18-55 kit lens with my D300 for the running shots. Plus the disposable b&w rollei and my iPhone for walkabout, I’ve got my hands full.

As usual, I’ll screw up those shots at the starting line, when the sky was still dark at 6.15am (I ended with overexposed ghostly shots at the Penang Bridge Marathon, Pacesetters, Sundown already, but I still didn’t learn!!).  To redeem myself, I’ll have to get the shots right, 1-2 secs when the runners sprint past me.

I parked myself at the last 150m mark, where the runners made a slight turn before they see the finishing line. That stretch was lined with photographers, supporters, and photographers again at the finishing point. I did not want to shoot the usual shots of the runners with lots of bokeh in the background. I also did not want to take the runners when they crossed the finishing line… the official photographers can do a much better job than me.

My kit lens was just perfect – wide enough to get the supporters and the landscape into the frame.

I love how the kids were mesmerised by Jackie.

#116 - see the stride

The men seemed to be so full of awe and admiration for Snr Melvin.
#117 - so full of awe

See how Melvin made heads turn!
#118 - he makes heads turn


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