Roller coaster ride

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride.

Someone called to yell to get her way, not once but twice. She was so rude and nasty. I cannot understand why, in this time and era, are there people who judge others based on their designation. And why are there people who think they get their way just by yelling? Best part of this phonecall – she yelled at me without even being able to pronounce my name.

Afternote:  She spoke to my Manager and acknowledged that she was “quite harsh” over the phone yesterday, because she was shorthanded.  Ok, 我只是一个倒霉的出气筒。But all those nasties were uncalled for.

Later in the evening, I opened my email box, just to find a very nice email to say that my picture has been selected. I submitted 2 soI don’t know which one was selected. I’m waiting for the organisers to upload the pictures on their website.

Whee! The roller coaster ride continues…


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