Since I posted those noisy pics on my facebook, a friend commented that it’s time for an upgrade (of the body, of course).

It’s been a good 2 years since I got my D60. The shutter count is still pretty low. I reckon it’s barely over the 10k mark. There’s no strong reason for my upgrade except that I need a more “professional-looking” camera that has a faster fps, and better noise control, IF I were paid to shoot. Working with an entry-level DSLR doesn’t seem to give customers a sense of credibility although I feel that creativity is more important.

And if that was my reason for upgrade, I should go for D300s, which will cost a whopping me 2.5mths of savings. Or should I top up with 1.5mths savings for a FX camera and change all my lens to FX and I will never have to think about upgrading for a long time.
$5k for a hobby that could potentially bring in money. That’s equivalent to taking part in the Boston marathon.
hmm. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

But I do reckon that I will have to grapple with the question of “Which body to bring?” rather than which lens to bring. And weight is an issue, so should I just go with a D90 that has the same sensor as D300s, with better noise control? It’s just slightly bigger than the D60. Slightly.

Gosh. I seem to be going round in circles.


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