smile… and be nice

I realise I’ve been smiling plasticky recently.

Dinner conversation A:

Auntie: Do you run?
Me: Not really.
Auntie: Oh, so what do you do when he runs? You watch TV?
Me: <SMILE> Yeeeah, I watch TV.

Dinner conversation B:

Babe of the club: So, are you going to Penang with him?
Me: Ah, yah.
Babe of the club: Just to see?
Me: <SMILE> Yaaaah, just be a spectator.

Conversation with Boss 1:

Boss: You’ve been selected to join the new team cos we feel that you are most suitable.
Me: <Nod>
Boss: If I were you, I will take that as compliment.
Me: <SMILE> Thank you.

I think i smile like an idiot. duh


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