let X speak for X-self

The dinner conversation with a group of runners revolved around training frequency, training location, shoes, attire and of course, timing.

The young chap in the group said a senior runner’s advice went something like this: (Doesn’t matter what you wear)… Let the timing speak for itself.

I can’t help but link it to the class on Tues – the uncles who think they’ve shot more than I’ve drank milk. This is a funny analogy, but that was how I felt.

It wasn’t until the shots came out and until the prints are done that they realise they speak more than they shoot.

One of them spoke about his collection of 10 cameras, comprising leica, hasselblad, lubitel. And how he criticised that my rollei is “not good enough” (“80mm, f2.8 is best!”).

What is the point of collecting so many cameras when the shots are lousy? Having many cameras make you a collector, not a photographer!

Let the photos speak for themselves. Really.IMG_0217


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