Ok… fine…

The gist of the story is:

Someone has been very unhappy with me –

  • called me on a Saturday morning at 7am so that I cannot go for Lasik in Aug citing reasons that it’s non-critical surgery and I had to cover colleagues’ work; 
  • started throwing ALL work to me, even though the work should be done by fellow colleagues;  
  • nitpicked on my work;
  • questioned on where and what I did on my leave (it’s only 2 days); and
  • even conducted a postmortem without me, when I was the one who did the work.


Now Someone wants to go on a study trip next week, but the person involved in the project is unable to go because he is going on a trip. And as the covering person, I’m supposed to go. Fine. But Someone said I don’t have to go since I am also going away on the last day of the trip. Fine Fine.  So the baton gets passed around and no one wants to go. And now colleagues are blaming me because Someone said it’s ok and I don’t have to go since I am going away.

The best part of the story is the study trip is not confirmed.

The conclusion is:  It’s really time to go.


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